Types of Addictions

Types Of Addictions Quote By Gene Tierney
I admire anyone who rids himself of an addiction.

Types of Addiction

There are countless types of addictions but when we think "addiction" we tend to think of drugs and alcohol, there are so many more.

And in my book I share with you many types that I had and how I overcame them Overcoming Life's Challenges

Think of it this way - anything that prevents you with dealing with your life, your issues, or your family could be a addictive.

What is Addiction?

The definition of addiction can be looked at in many ways, it has it has a very broad meaning. Here I show you how I have dug deeper to find the true understanding and meaning of what being addicted means. 

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Of course, some types of addictions are more physically dangerous than others, but they are all a way for us to avoid painful feelings.

People can develop addictions to substances, behaviors or activities.

They all have the same basic symptoms: loss of control, starting slowly then building over time, and continued use in the face of negative consequences are all indicators of addiction.

Some of these behaviors or activities may be normal, everyday occurrences such as eating or shopping, and that can make it much harder to determine if there is really a problem and it can make it easier for the person to mask the problem.

That some things are now classified as "addictions" show that we are changing how we think about types of addictions.

In the past, "addiction" simply referred to physical and psychological dependence on a substance, such as alcohol or drugs.

Previously, without a physical dependence on a drug, there could not be a diagnosis of addiction.

One reason for this change is that research has revealed that psychological dependence has much more to do with the cycle of addiction than originally thought.

People may become physically and/or psychologically dependent on many of the following substances, behaviors or activities.

These are just the most prevalent types of addictions:

Alcohol Addiction Facts

Alcohol Addiction

Here’s one of the alcohol addiction facts that proves how damaging alcoholism is: 3.3 million deaths annually are due to excessive alcohol consumption. It has also been linked with higher incidence of serious diseases like HIV. Get more facts here.

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Overcoming Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction

Overcoming drug addiction requires more than just willpower. It’s often a chronic disease that affects the brain’s function and structure. Learn what leads to drug addiction, how it damages the body, and how to overcome it by reading this article. 

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Sugar Addiction

Sugar Addiction

Suffering from sugar addiction? Sugar may just be addictive as abusive drugs and excessive consumption may result in several health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. Gain control over your sugar cravings and your health with these insights.

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Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate Addiction

Chocolate addiction is a reality. With its high sugar and fat content, chocolate generates brain activity patterns seen in people who are addicted to drugs. Eating too much chocolate is unhealthy. Read on to learn how to overcome chocolate addiction.

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Exercise Addiction

Addiction To Exercise

Staying active is good for everyone, but when it becomes an exercise addiction, it can have harmful effects. Abusing the body through exercise can lead to joint damage, torn muscles, and other injuries. Get tips for overcoming it here.

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Work Addiction

Addiction To Work

Work addiction usually starts when the person uses work as an escape from other problems or as a means to satisfy an incessant drive to succeed. Understand the dangers of workaholism and how you can beat it here. 

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Shopaholic Addiction

The occasional retail therapy can help boost one’s mood, but when a person becomes a shopaholic, excessive and compulsive shopping can potentially ruin your life and your relationships. Read this article learn how to overcome shopping addiction.

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Online Gambling Addiction


Online gambling addiction is a real problem and the accessibility of internet and proliferation of mobile device have made this impulse-control disorder even more common today. Overcoming it starts with recognizing the problem. Get your facts here.

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How to Fight Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction

How to fight sex addiction is a challenge faced by people grappling with intense and uncontrollable sexual impulses. Sex here is often being used as a form of escape. Know how to cope with sex addiction by reading this article.

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Addiction to Pornography

Addiction To Pornography

Addiction to pornography is a behavioral addiction driven by the insatiable and intense need to see pornographic content. Becoming addicted to pornography can lead to depression and anxiety, and damage relationships. Learn how to deal with porn addiction here.

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Internet Addiction Treatment

Addiction To The Internet

Internet addiction treatment is sought by people who are suffering from pathological computer use. Internet addiction often manifests along with other mental and behavioral disorders. Know how to identify internet addiction and beat it here.

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Cigarette Addiction

Cigarette addiction kills. Heart diseases, cancer, lung problems are just a few of its effects. The nicotine present in cigarettes is a very addictive substance. If you want to know more about cigarette addiction and how to quit it, read this.

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Television Addiction

Overcoming Television Addiction

How do you differentiate someone who simply likes watching TV to someone who is addicted to television? Lack of control over TV can destroy one’s life and relationships. Read about the signs and effects of television addiction here. 

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Coffee Addiction

Overcoming Coffee Addiction

You may think that craving for coffee morning and becoming cranky when you don’t get it are normal, but you may already be experiencing the effects of coffee addiction. Know how to deal with coffee addiction here.

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Solitaire Addiction


While solitaire may seem like a harmless card game, it can get addicting. Solitaire addiction may prevent a person from living a healthy, normal life. Learn what triggers it and get strategies for dealing with it from this article.

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  • Addiction and recovery - Yes I have had several types of addictions, and it has been a long journey of overcoming them, some I am still fighting. It is not just about abusing drugs or alcohol, in my case it was also a case of biting my nails.
  • Overcoming addiction - I had to address each addiction and then step by step work on each one until I beat it. It isn't easy, it does take discipline. This where I will show you how to do the steps to overcome your addiction.

We now know that for some people engaging in certain activities may create chemical changes in the brain that will cause cravings when they are away from that activity.

When someone does an activity like shopping, gambling or surfing the internet chemicals are released in the brain which creates a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

The person may then continually chase that feeling of euphoria, incessantly engaging in the behavior searching for the high which they can never recapture.

This can also be a method of coping with anxiety and depression, and someone may overuse those behaviors or activities as a way to keep anxiety or depression at bay.

Looking at the types of addictions list, you may wonder how an activity such as harmless as being on the computer can become addictive.

But if you sit at your computer to the point of physical, emotional, or mental exhaustion, or experience extreme anxiety when you cannot be online, you may be addicted to it.

An activity or behavior becomes a type of addictions when it begins to produce negative consequences and the person (or you) insist on continuing with the activity or behavior anyway.

Think about your own behavior or the behavior of people you love.

Do any of them engage in activities that started off innocent enough but are now destructive?

It may be time to get them help if you feel that they have one of these types of addictions.

Types Of Addictions Quote

We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely, change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now.

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