Overcoming Television Addiction

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Television addiction, you may think its harmless, but its not, let me show you that it can be harmful to you.

Television watching has been a favorite past time of families since the television set first debuted in households.

Today, the volume of channels and show choices has increased and there is something for everyone to enjoy.

How do you watch television and how often do you watch it? Signs Of Addiction

Do you tune in only to view your favorite shows or to catch the news and keep up with current events?

Or do you find yourself channel surfing for hours on end?

Being addicted to Television is common in teens and adults and can begin at an early age.

Many parents use the television as a ‘babysitter”, setting children in front of it for hours as they go about accomplishing household duties.

In a way, people can be conditioned to become addicted to television.

With televisions in every household and outrageously entertaining shows to boot, you may wonder how you might ever overcome your addiction to it.

These tips will help you give your addiction a slap equivalent to those received by television sets in the olden days:

  • Find other hobbies; a healthy hobby, like reading, it will distract you and entertain you simultaneously.
  • Limit yourself to only watching television after accomplishing tasks and at set times (in other words, no channel surfing, just scheduled show watching).
  • Limit your household to one television set, this will reduce television watching at bed time and while eating meals.
  • Take the focus off of your television by making another furnishing the focal point of your living room. Rearrange the room or hide the television within an armoire.

Remember that admitting that you have in fact acquired an addiction to watching television is the first step in the direction of recovery.

By making simple changes to your lifestyle you can pull the plug on your TV addiction!

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Television Addiction Quote By Chuck Palahniuk

No one wants to admit we're addicted to music. That's just not possible. No one's addicted to music and television and radio. We just need more of it, more channels, a larger screen, more volume. We can't bear to be without it, but no, nobody's addicted. We could turn it off anytime we wanted.

Chuck Palahniuk


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