Experiencing the Benefits of Adult Coloring With Mandala Flowers and Patterns

Mandala Flowers

If you are planning to experience the world of adult coloring, mandala flowers and patterns are the best way to start.

Compared to other kinds of adult coloring materials, mandala patterns are the most common and most available.

They come in different kinds of designs, from the bigger ones for beginners to the more intricate ones for the more seasoned adult coloring aficionados. 

Also, the great thing about coloring mandala flowers and patterns is you can use the finished product in a variety of ways. If you need art on the walls, just tear the page (or print it if you prefer coloring online) and have the sides cut properly and frame the finished product. 

If you want something more colorful, use neon coloring materials such as highlighters, but if you would much rather work with muted or more pastel shades, then use coloring pencils that give off a more matte finish in shades such as light blues, greens, pinks, and even taupe or grey. You can also use the finished product as gifts by giving them away either framed as is or framed to have a bigger material. 

These framed works of art can go on office walls whether at home or in buildings, retail shops, nurseries, schools, and even malls. With the beautiful mandala patterns filled in, who will not appreciate them when they see it hanged up for all to look at?

Common Designs of Mandala Flowers

Mandala flower designs often involve floral patterns with leaves, roots and branches. These are naturally symmetric and are often inspired by vegetal elements and nature. You will also find that mandala flowers can be influenced by seasons. Although mandala drawings are mostly round, square designs are also available. 

Benefits of Adult Coloring

Not yet sold as to the adult coloring craze? Here are the benefits of doing so that make adult coloring work:

  • Helps in alleviating stress and found to be an effective meditation tool aside from doing breathing exercises, yoga, or running.
  • Helps in working on one’s focus and overall mood balance.
  • Helps kids develop better motor skills in handling coloring materials which can assist in proper handling of pencils or pens when they start writing in school.
  • Aids in therapy for people who are undergoing painful medical treatments for cancer or kidney failure and are stuck in hospitals for long periods of time as well as for their caregivers.
  • Creates an avenue for espousing teamwork and camaraderie when used with teams especially for highly creative but silo driven industries such as advertising, public relations, interior design, and even fine arts.
  • Provides a good starting point for other creative pursuits.

  • Provides a worthwhile hobby to past the time when waiting in queues or during lunch breaks.
  • Makes for a fantastic way to help teachers teach kids and adults alike about color combinations and coloring techniques before embarking on bigger and much more complicated art projects.
  • Provides a non-threatening avenue for non-creative people to delve into their more creative side which can benefit all other facets of their life, even for work.

Adult coloring, especially involving mandala flowers and patterns, is here to stay. Dismissed initially as a passing interest or fad, it is now a cornerstone of every person’s goal to be more creative, colorful, and calm. 

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Mandala coloring quote
Adult coloring quote by Yoko Ono
Mandala coloring quote
mandala coloring quote
Inspirational quote by budda
Inspirational quote by budda

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