How to Draw a Mandala

Mandala Flowers

One of the many ways human beings can relax and relieve stress is by expressing their feelings.

Some just talk with a friend while others express their feelings through art. Painting is probably the most popular form of artistic expression.

Using brushes and the paint, you can create a picture that shows your own thoughts and feelings and make others see and feel them, too. 

However, not everyone has the skill to draw or paint. For some people, any attempt to draw a dog always results in a drawing of an oversized flea. If you do not have good drawing skills, don’t despair because there is a simple art form that you can do—mandalas.

Mandalas are very easy to create. With just your drawing and coloring tools, plus your imagination, creativity, and your willingness to express yourself through art, you can make beautiful mandala patterns.

Mandalas Explained

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle. What makes a mandala different from your average circle is that it contains organic and geometric forms that act as a pattern to decorate the circle. A mandala is an abstract design that uses symmetry and repetition to create a beautiful work of art.

You will be able to see mandalas in nature. Just look at the leaves and flowers. They are generally mandalas in varying complexity. Mandalas feature flowers, leaves, roots, and other ornaments inspired by nature.

Tools for Drawing Mandala

As an art and a sacred symbol, most people take mandala seriously, so they use various tools aside from pencil and white paper. A drawing compass, French curve, protractor and triangles are some of the most useful tools for creating and designing mandalas.  Don’t forget your coloring tools, too.

The Steps to Draw a Mandala

  1. The first step in drawing mandala is to create a circle. Draw a big circle if you want to create a complex mandala design and a small one if you don’t want to add many details. Make sure you know the exact center of the circle. If you wish, the outermost pattern can also resemble flowers, butterflies, leaves, or any element found in nature.
  2. If you drew a circular outline, add more lines inside so that you have a circle that resembles a pizza with eight slices.
  3. Now add a design surrounding the center of your circle.
  4. Add your own geometric shapes to every part of your circle. Make sure that the result is symmetrical. This means that what is in one section of the mandala should be in the other sections as well. 
  5. Add flowers, leaves, butterflies, roots, or other details that you can see in the environment.
  6. Finally once you are satisfied with your pattern, you can start coloring your creation.

Practice these steps above and you will learn how to draw a mandala in no time.

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