Being Mindful Is a Natural Therapy for Improved Mental Health

For the brain, mindfulness can be an action that can help keep the mind focused on the good rather than letting it dwell on all of the negatives. You know how an untrained puppy will run around when you take it outside?

It doesn’t want to listen because it’s not focused on you. There are too many exciting things outside - like the wind pushing a leaf across the grass, the neighbor’s dog, a car passing on the street or kids out playing.

In a flash, the puppy takes off after the leaf or the neighbor’s dog or heads toward the street. Because the puppy hasn’t been trained to focus, anything goes, and he could very well end up with some negative consequences.

Just like something detrimental can happen with an untrained puppy, a mind that doesn’t practice mindfulness can also experience negative consequences. When you allow your mind to go off on any thought process, you can bet those thoughts won’t always bring you a positive return.

Your mind will start to think about situations that caused you anger in life. You’ll start thinking about wanting to get even. You’ll feel sorry for yourself that your life isn’t like someone else's, who seems to have everything.

Before you know it, you’re on a cycle of negativity because your mind was allowed to go there, to dwell on thoughts that produce negative feelings. Whatever the mind dwells on can either help you have good feelings about your life or it can introduce bad ones.

When your mind isn’t practicing mindfulness, it can wander off into thinking about things that cause you to feel stressed out. It can cause you to feel anxiety. You might experience a rise in anger and become bitter.

Left alone, the mind that’s not focused with mindfulness can lead you to bouts of depression. Practicing mindfulness is something that can help you focus on being present and can alter how the past affects you.

Mindfulness keeps you centered on today, not yesterday and not tomorrow. There are various techniques using mindfulness that can help improve mental health. Among these are mindfulness stress reduction and mindfulness cognitive therapy.

Wishing you the best of success, love and laughter, Moya

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