Welcome to Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts

Welcome to Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts! My name is Moya and I created this site to help you on your journey of personal growth.

Inspirational ...... To inspire and help you grow and move forward in your journey of life
It is filled with Quotes ............... To guide you with inspiring and motivational words of wisdom in good and bad times
It is filled with Thoughts ............  Sharing thoughts from our inspiring thought leaders and for you to share your thoughts no matter what they might be.

Are you trying to break old habits and develop new ways of thinking and not sure where to begin? How to start? It all seems so overwhelming ... I know how you feel ... I felt like that once ... and through trial and error found the resources I needed to bounce back. And now it is my turn to pay it forward ...

I am creating this website and resources for those of us who need guidance and regular doses of inspiration.

Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts is filled with information to help you break down the walls that stop you from reaching your goals.

I have stepped out of my comfort zone to educate myself and to move forward, to do this I have attended many inspirational and motivational seminars, read many books and watched many more DVD's which has made me more knowledgeable in the path that I have chosen. From all this learning, for you, I have gathered together the most inspirational quotes and thoughts and resources ... all here in the one place ... ready at your fingertips.

Look around the site and check out the many free public-domain books. Download and read them; they may just change your life ... the way they did mine.

As a special Thank You for visiting my website inspirational quotes and thoughts I would love to help you on your journey of total fulfillment I am providing Lesson one of The Laws Of Success by Napoleon Hill totally FREE to subscribers to my site, 130 pages of the most vibrating, success power book ever written and it is all yours ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Law Of Success Lesson 1. Mastermind Alliance

law of success
  • The master mind, how it is created through harmony of purpose and effort, between two or more people.
  • Chemistry of the mind, how it will make or destroy you.
  • The truth about your education, and why it makes no difference to your success.
  • Power, what it is and how to create and use it.
  • How and Why ideas “flash" into the mind from unknown sources.
  • The principle of organized knowledge and how you can use its power to your advantage, applied knowledge is power.

When you are ready for just $2.99 USD you can download 15 more Books (altogether over 1000 pages) of The Law of Success In 16 Lessons.

My commitment to you and to help you on your journey of total fulfillment I will be sharing the following with you:

  • Every week you will receive from "Inspirational Thoughts From Moya" a inspirational quote to help keep you inspired.

I hope that you'll be inspired by what you discover here on my site and that when you are ready to dig a little deeper into my story and the lessons you could learn from me ... that you'll want to purchase my book, In my book, I detail the struggles and hardships I've had to overcome, such as:

  • Bulimia and Other Weight Problems.
  • Bankruptcy
  • Alcoholism
  • Depression
  • Attempting Suicide
  • My Daughter's Stroke
  • Gallstones
  • A Melanoma
  • Menopause

and that's not all of it and yet ....

today I'm happy ... living life to the full. And I'd love this for you too!

Overcoming Life's Challenges

Overcoming Life's Challenges

The Inspiring and Empowering Story of One Woman’s Triumph Over Alcoholism, Bankruptcy, weight issues and Despair.

She did not just struggle to survive. She struggled to win!

If a single sentence could sufficiently describe a lifetime, then this would be an apt description of Moya’s life.  From a privileged childhood to an adulthood of bankruptcies and subsequent salvation, Moya weathered all storms to be where she is now—a fulfilled woman with a story to tell.

Learn More...


I do so hope you find great value by keeping up-to-date with me and my website.

May your life be inspired and filled with joy

Love and Laughter

Moya Mulfay
Complete wellness

Complete Wellness

Personal growth is about constantly improving yourself, including working toward better wellness. Personal growth is what allows you to reach new levels of happiness, and helps you grow, which leads to your complete wellness and satisfaction. 

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Inspirational Adult Coloring Books

 Relieve stress and unleash your creativity with my adult coloring books, as not only have you got images to color you can also color the inspiring quotes under each image.  Each time you pick up your brushes and pencils to add life to your coloring books, you are also adding more color to your life. Choose from the coloring books here.

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Mind power techniques

Mind Power Techniques

Want to change something in your life? Whether it’s your career, your finances, your relationships, or your happiness, you can achieve it using mind power techniques. Learn how you can tap into the power of your subconscious here.

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Love Quotes and Sayings

Inspirational Life Quotes

These inspirational life quotes are a testament to how beautiful life is. Each quote gives a glimpse into an individual’s life story, how that person finds the strength and courage to live and love each moment of life. See the beauty of your own life as you read these quotes.

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Love Quotes and Sayings

Love Quotes and Sayings

Love is a decision we make every day, and it has always been this way as revealed by love quotes and sayings across different generations. Discover the complex emotions behind love and its mystery by reading these quotes.

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Healing Quotes

Healing Quotes for the Weary Soul

Healing quotes will give you the needed inspiration and wisdom when you can’t find the right words to comfort a sick loved one or if you don’t have the strength to face your own pains.

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Mandala coloring

Mandala Coloring

Mandala coloring is a popular stress-busting hobby for busy adults. Discover the world of mandala coloring and how this creative activity can contribute to your spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. Learn what you can do with mandalas here.

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Inspirational Books

Inspirational Books

No matter where you are in your life right now, inspirational books are a great companion. They tell you what you need to hear when you need a boost of motivation, inspiration, and guidance. Read these books to feed your soul.

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Daily Positive Affirmations

Daily Positive Affirmations

When life becomes a boring monotony or a problem that you can’t solve, these daily positive affirmations are guaranteed to uplift your spirit. These affirmations are food for the soul. They  help heal hearts and calm troubled minds. Let these words brighten up your day.

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Types of addictions

Types of Addictions

The key to conquering all types of addictions is through education. Acknowledge the fact that such conditions exist and understand why these happen, so you can arm yourself with the strategies to reduce your risk for developing it. Learn more here.

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What is Prosperity

law of Attraction and Prosperity

To succeed at something, you need to take action and to have the right mindset to support your goals—this is what the law of attraction and prosperity is all about. Read inspiring words here to learn how you can invite prosperity into your life.

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healthy thoughts

Healthy Thoughts

Think your way to better health with healthy thoughts. A healthy body starts with having a healthy mind. Learn how you can have a state of mind that conquers pains and finds joy whatever life throws your way. Start cleaning your negative thoughts here.

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Eating Disorder Help

Eating Disorder Help

Eating disorder help may come in the form of stories and words told by those who have been through it. Get the motivation, guidance, and strength you need from the people and doctors who have conquered eating disorders.

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