Overcoming Lifes Challenges

Moya's book "Overcoming Lifes Challenges" is the definition of the word "empowering.”
Once you've read the book, you know that you can take on the world and win.
Amy Yates-Wuelfing, United States of America.

Please take a few minuets to have a look at this video, I absolutely love the words and the music it is so inspiring and uplifting, it just might make your day, as it does with me every time I listen to it.

In my book, Overcoming Lifes Challenges, I will illustrate how I broke down the brick walls placed before me.

When you know how to tap into your inner strengths, you are well on your way to overcoming the obstacles life placed in your way - just like I have.

At the bottom of the page you will see some links to some fantastic quotes on Overcoming Challenges and Hardships.

There is only one true definition of happiness:
Living Life True To Your Purpose.

In my book, I candidly discuss how I overcame a troubled childhood, alcoholism, an eating disorder, bankruptcy and numerous health issues to find love, financial success and physical well-being. I talk about how I have taken the journey out of the darkness and into the light.

As a result of my experiences, I will take you step-by-step through the process of finding the qualities and values that drive you and how to use that information to your advantage. Believe me when I tell you that I have "been there and done that" and, because of that, I am able to provide you with the solid practical advice needed to take the first step on the road to happiness and wealth creation.

If you would like to overcome any challenges in your life, let me show you the way.


My book Overcoming Lifes Challenges shows you how to:

dartIdentify your purpose

dartDeal with difficult issues straight on

dartGet out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals

Past hurts and past experiences have made me move forward and write this book so that I can inspire as many people as possible, so you don't have to go through what I have. Or, if you have experienced the same hardships, I can inspire you and let you know that not all is lost and you can move forward and have a wonderful life.

Below are some of the issues I have had to deal with, being both unpleasant and pleasant, I will take you on my journey, and then show you how I overcame those challenges and hope I can inspire you to overcome your life challenges:

Overcoming Lifes Challenges

    • Alcoholism, I will take you on my journey of self destruction and the show you how to overcome those demons.
    • Depression, by taking certain steps of giving up alcohol, drugs, "pills" slowly "depression" left me.
    • Suicide Attempts by my son and myself, and how a journey of self discovery changed our way of thinking.
    • Boarding school, how I felt abandoned, alone and unloved, how I turned the situation around so I became quite self sufficient.
    • Troubled childhood, by not blaming my parents as they knew no different but made sure my children are loved and cared for.
    • Men in my life, by going through all that hurt, I have learned to love and respect myself, and to love and respect other people.
    • Weight problems, finding the cause of the problem and then taking the steps I took to fix it. Learning what dirty words like "scales" and "diet" were and learning that "eating sensibly is living a lifestyle" so you never have to diet again.
    • Bulimia, once again finding out why I was destroying myself and the how I fixed it.
    • Losing the family business, took me on a journey of finding myself and stepping out of my comfort zone and making a life on my own, with my husband and children.
    • Bankruptcy taught me how to go without and made me move forward to acquire knowledge and education to better myself.
    • Pregnancy and breastfeeding, the issues I had to deal with on my own, going out and finding the information I needed for myself, and my daughter.
    • Biting my nails, why was I doing this, and how step by step I broke the habit.
    • Hysterectomy, by taking away the part that I could create life, and taking me to a place of creating life in me.
    • Melanoma, never leave anything untreated, if you think something is wrong, get it checked, it may be ok but it may not be as well, it could save your life.
    • Gallstones, if you have pain and it won't go away, go with your gut feeling that something is wrong, and keep seeing a doctor until that pain isn't there anymore.
    • Thyroid, go to any length you have to have blood tests and get the situation "fixed" you will feel so much better, you don't need to live with these symptoms.
    • Menopause, same as thyroid do something about it. It is a quality of life you don't need to feel horrible when the situation can be cured.
    • My daughter's stroke, take a first aid course, just in case, you never know. I learned here family is so much more important than "work".
    • Nutrimetics by joining the Nutrimetics business it taught, motivated and inspired me into a life I never knew existed, it took me on a path of self discovery of wanting to grow, to better myself.
    • Real Estate showed me the bigger picture of finance and property, which took me to the next level of my journey.
    • Here for a reason no matter what journey we take we are all here for a reason, you may open a wrong door, but that's ok you will learn from it, and then you will find the right door to open, and you will have learnt from it and gone forward.
    • Finding my purpose, without purpose you have no direction, no goals, I had to find my purpose by doing so it has given me energy and excitement to move forward.
    • Backpacking through Egypt with my son, took me way out of my comfort zone and into a place of exhilarated enjoyment and I can now l look back on and say "I did it" and with my son. I don't let things like "terrorism" run my life.
    • Ingredients for success, the steps and values I have used to move forward.
    • Where I am now, it shows you all of the above can be overcome, you just need to take the steps to a better life and future.

Now my total existence has been raised to a level of fulfillment and freedom in all areas of my life that I ever thought possible and yours can, just by taking the steps.

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Moya writes from her heart in "Overcoming Lifes Challenges" and you cannot help but be drawn in and inspired by her story.

Certainly I came away from reading the book feeling that nothing can stop me now ... Thanks Moya for sharing so candidly your life experiences and delivering a story of hope and belief that anyone can triumph.

Shelley Holmes

Moya's book "Overcoming Lifes Challenges" is the definition of the word "empowering."

If you feel overwhelmed, this book will help you move forward with confidence.

That she shares her own painful experiences - and how she overcame them - makes it even more compelling.

Once you've read the book, you know that you can take on the world and win.

Amy Yates-Wuelfing, United States of America

Moya's book "Overcoming Lifes Challenges" is a heartwarming recollection of struggles, success and a worthwhile journey to self-realization.

It provided good solid advice and knowledge on a lot of things in life that you never get to learn in school even if you have a PhD degree.

Moya is a living testimonial to how you create your life through the smallest decisions in life and turn the wheel of fortune to your favor.

Rutchel M. Cusi, Baguio City, Philippines

A wonderful man by the name of Martin visited my website and was inspired by how I have overcome my challenges and wrote me a poem on his blog, it bought me to tears, it may inspire you or someone you know. You'll also find more at Our Challenges at anitapoems.com. Enjoy!

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The first BIG step on the rest of your journey to
Overcoming Lifes Challenges

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